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The Virtual Privacy Expert
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Are you ready for GDPR? Are you ready for GDPR?

a. Do you know what to do for GDPR?   b. GDPR affects all businesses?   c. Need help knowing where to start?

Do your Policies Protect you? Do your Policies Protect you?

a. What policies? b. When did you last update them? c. Do they still do their job? d. Do your employees use them? e. Do they even know they exist?

Is YOUR Data Secure? Is YOUR Data Secure?

a. Do you know what you should secure & how? b. How do you send it safely & securely? c. What encryption should you use & when?

Data Protection Training? Data Protection Training?

a. Are ALL staff trained in Data Protection? b. Are there relevant processes? c. Are they followed? d. Are they updated? e. Annual? One off? ongoing? or NEVER?

Got a Specific Question? Got a Specific Question?

 Not sure how data should be kept? Need to know if what you do is legal? How do I share my data? How do I get help?

These days the rules and regulations around data protection, security, human rights and simply keeping track of your staff or customer data can be overwhelming. In fact many companies do not even know that they need to do something let alone what it is they need to do.

With an onsite assessment from a Virtual Privacy Expert you can very quickly find out if you have missed something crucial, and these days fines can be up to half a million pounds, or whether everything you are doing is right on track.

With only a few hours onsite we can quicky help you get hold of the key things to be done, and in some cases it can even mean doing less, not more. But one things for sure, whatever we do it is all about you building your business safely, securely and legally. more...
As You Go
As You Go
Sometimes we all have a need for expert help, and quickly, and if you don't know who to trust or where to turn then it can be a painful challenge.

At The Virtual Privacy Expert we always have an Expert available for you to arrange time to speak to or to come on site, whichever is in line with your need.

You can book time starting from 1 hour to a full day and at an investment that will suit your budget.But...

If it's that ongoing confidence and comfort you are looking for then why not consider one of our monthly engagement packages, again at an investment that should suit most budgets. more...
To get that comfort and confidence in knowing that your are doing everything properly and being able to sleep easy is why many of our clients take out a monthly assurance package.

Monthly Assurance means you have guaranteed and planned access to your own Virtual Privacy Expert each and every month. This allows you to ensure you are operating inside the latest legislation and that changes in your systems or processes do put you at financial, reputational or worse criminal risk.

With a package to suit all pockets you can flex your commitment and take as much as you need when you need it. Take a look to see if it is Bronze, Silver or Gold that will meet your needs and give you that security your business needs to survive more...
GDPR Assessment
GDPR Assessment
The EU General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR as its known comes into force in May 2018 and it is the biggest change to privacy in years. It affects how you do business from how you get customers and leads to how you process client and employee data. To say nothing about how greater power is being placed into the customers hands with regards control of the data that you hold.

The GDPR has many aspect but a few are the right to erasure (aka the right to be forgotten), the right to portability, shorter timescales (and at no cost) for data subject access requests. All these need to be managed effectively so that not only can you comply with the law but also so they do not place undue workload on your business.

We can help show you the right way to get things done, tell you what you really need to focus on now and what can wait, and help you stay ahead in the ever tightening world of data privacy regulations.

Privacy Advice When You Need It