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STOP Hiding Behind the Law!
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STOP Hiding Behind the Law!

Too often I hear companies utter the words “I can’t do that because of data protection” or “data protection stops us from doing that

Here is a prime example of that:

I recently took a call from a high street bank, and after they had gone through all the security questions, which I always find odd as they are the ones who called me, but that’s a whole other post! After, the questions, I requested for my husband to deal with the matter – I was met with the dreaded words “that’s not possible because of data protection”.  After a stunned silence, on my part, I began to challenge the person, probably unfortunately for him!

To cut a long story short, it turned out it would be possible, ALTHOUGH it would mean that I would have to take more time out of my day to write a letter giving my husbands details that I would sign.  Why could I not do this over the phone? They had already checked my security details, so they knew that I was who they thought I was, and I could provide them with my husband’s details and any additional password etc that could be used – the risk was minimal! No! I had to follow a time consuming and not very customer friendly process for something THEY had contacted ME about in the first place!!

Seriously??!? More than a decade on I find it incredible that companies are still coming out with that line, for nothing more than an excuse for their poorly thought out processes, signed off by managers who have a lack of understanding of what complying with these laws mean.

This is what we deal with everyday, we help companies, large and small step through the perceived minefield of data privacy laws to make sure they can achieve what they need to make their business succeed and still work within the laws.

The bottom line is that there are many companies out there still SCARED of such laws as the Data Protection Act, whilst I believe there should be a healthy fear, this is NOT the purpose of the Act!  It should not STOP processes being user-friendly or being able to create efficiency.

So, what is the purpose of the Act?  The purpose is simple – it is to create balance.  Protecting the rights and privacies of individuals, whilst allowing companies and businesses to operate as they need to.  Get this balance right and you have cracked it!

Stop being afraid and do it right!  With the right help you can achieve it. TAKE ACTION, contact us here http://www.thevirtualprivacyexpert.com/contact-us/

Yours in getting it right!

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